We are pleased to launch our brand new online service currently available as a free benefit to all Marine Stores Guide Data Licence Holders.

What is the Marine Stores Guide Online?

The Marine Stores Guide Online (MSGO) is a new service that allows MSG Data holders to use the MSG like never before. Log in to our secure platform, browse the entire MSG catalogue, search by MSG Code, keyword or category and add items to a session basket and export into a handy CSV file. You can find out more about the MSGO by watching this video below:

How do I access the Marine Stores Guide Online?

The MSGO is currently available at no extra cost for MSG Data Licence holders. If you have an active data licence, you will receive details to create your login for the MSGO. If you haven’t heard from our team yet, you can get in touch with us here to start the process.

The future of the Marine Stores Guide

This is just the beginning of the digital future of the Marine Stores Guide. The MSG team are continually developing new products and solutions to meet industry demand and future-proof the system.Now more than ever is the perfect time to be a part of our industry-leading system.

Already a data licence holder?