Five years in the making - The new version of the Marine Stores Guide is coming soon!

Calling all maritime professionals and the shipping industry at large – get ready for the highly anticipated release of the Marine Stores Guide 8th Edition! This comprehensive book, indispensable to marine industry workers, is set to release in 2023; in the meantime, you can secure your copy by pre-ordering at IMPA London.

The Marine Stores Guide acts as a vital reference manual for those in offices and onboard ships, designed to assist in efficiently procuring the right supplies for vessels of all types and sizes. The detailed catalogue contains over 50,000 products, covering everything from technical equipment to day-to-day consumables; this guide offers an extensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of the maritime industry.

The 8th Edition of the Marine Stores Guide brings with it a variety of exciting updates and enhancements. The content has been meticulously reviewed and refreshed, ensuring it remains up-to-date with industry standards, advancements, and best practices. As a result, this edition serves as a comprehensive resource tailored to the current requirements of the marine sector.

The new edition also includes a range of new products, reflecting the evolving needs of the maritime industry. These additions include several easily identifiable sustainable products that we at IMPA recommend the industry consider buying and supplying to reduce the use of 'current' non-green items.