Welcome to the future of MSG Data!

We are pleased to reveal the launch of a brand-new API allowing third-party users to access cloud-based Marine Stores Guide (MSG) data, replacing the need for files and uploads.

What it does

This new system is set to improve and enhance the future of MSG data by offering easier access and usage for the MSG editorial team and customers whilst delivering more features and functionality than the current way that data is provided.

It is easy to maintain - Once the API is linked to a system, the editorial team can update the MSG data, and this will instantly show on the API, eradicating the need for Microsoft Excel data files to be distributed and re-uploaded every time, this also makes it possible to make smaller and more frequent updates to MSG Data, keeping it relevant and accurate for users.

It is secure - Due to moving away from issuing downloadable files of MSG data, the MSG team will be able to gain more control over who is using the data along with where and how to combat the misuse and copyright infringements, which is currently more possible with the files distributed.

It is future-ready - Due to having the MSG Data in a bespoke environment developed specifically for it, the future of the MSG API 2.0 is bright. Even at launch, it is prepared to handle several new data features, including enhanced data, which allows longer descriptions, attachments, more images and links to videos, and a much-requested by the industry feature. These QR codes hold all of the critical MSG Data information within them.

In the near future, we will reveal more of what will be possible and be a part of a development roadmap for the MSG API, data, and more!

How it works

Approved users will be issued an API key, which gives them access to the MSG API, where they can access the complete data set whichever way they like. Although API technology can be complicated, the tech experts of our industry will have no issues adding MSG API data into their systems with our comprehensive documentation and guidance.

Once linked, the MSG Data can be accessed however users want and all information, including codes, categories, names, descriptions and units of measure.

With the MSG Data being hosted on our API, all users will be able to have a constant feed to it due to it being always online, including more accessible access to data updates.

How to use it

At the time of writing this article, our team is reaching out and working with MSG stakeholders, such as data resellers and platform providers, to introduce them to the API and get them started using it. For Data Resellers that have their purchasing platforms, this will make the transition of activating their customers' MSG data more manageable than ever before.

In the near future, we will allow further users onto the API, which would work alongside an active MSG Data Licence. Still, as previously stated, this API technology requires users with development knowledge.

What is next?

Watch this space for further exciting MSG updates for the API 2.0, 8th Edition Book and Data Licence, online and offline applications and much more as we continue to develop the MSG to service the shipping industry now and into the future and, as always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can get in touch with our team at www.marinestoresguide.com and via email at support@marinestoresguide.com