For those looking forward to the MSG 8th Edition Book and Data, which is launching soon, we have the listed updates below, so you can understand what's happening in this latest version.

Updates have been made to 18 categories, making the launch of the 8th Edition substantial and not to be missed!

Section 15 Cloth & Linen Products:

Additional Flame-retardant Linen products (Bed spread, Tablecloths etc.), Laundry Rack are newly included.

Section 17 Tableware & Galley Utensils:

Eco-friendly disposable cutlery (wood / biodegradable plastic / recycled paper cups & plates), biodegradable plastic bags, Sanitary management products are newly included, 221 codes.

Section 19 Clothing:

New globes (biodegradable plastic disposable / Touchscreen capable), High ancle Shoes are newly included.

Section 23 Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items:

Wire rope lubricator, Crosby products (from USA), Cargo lashing belt, Eco-friendly oil sorbent and stretch film are newly included.

Section 27 Painting Equipment:

Graco products (from Netherlands) are updated.

Section 31 Safety Protective Gear:

Bump Cap, Harness and Lanyard, Anti-piracy products, Cut-resistant products are newly added, 32 codes.

Section 33 Safety Equipment:

Safety Signs are fully updated including Damage Control Plan Signs & Pipe Identification Tape, Pyrotechnics, Drager & Riken Products, Portable Drug Tester are newly included.

Section 37 Nautical Equipment:

LED Searchlights, Remote Control Searchlights, Windsocks are newly added, Publication & Flags are updated.

Section 39 Medicine:

“List of Recommended Medicines in IMG 3rd edition”, and “Mapping of the medicines in the 3rd edition of the Guide to the quantities in 2nd edition, Australian and UK guidelines for ships” are updated.

Section 45 Petroleum Products:

Eco-Friendly Oils & Greases, Anti-Seize products, WD-40 products are newly included and updated.

Section 55 Cleaning Material & Chemicals:

Eco-friendly products (Laundry Detergent Sheets, Various Cleaners, Grease Removers, Liquid Air Freshener), ECA Water Device, Water Purifiers, Urea Water are newly included.

Section 59 Pneumatic and Electrical Tools:

Various pneumatic and electrical tools are updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers, Rustibus (Norway), Holger Clasen (Germany), Trelawny (U.K.), Nitto Kohki (Japan) Den-Jet Marine (Singapore) etc.

Section 65 Measuring Tools:

Various measuring tools are updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from SIKA, Martechnic , TX  Marine (all from Germany) etc.

Section 75 Valves & Cocks:

Various valves are updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from KITZ (Japan), Gerhard Goetze (Germany), MESON (Denmark) etc.

Section 79 Electrical Equipment:

Various LED Products (Lamps, Floodlights, Explosion-Proof Lights, Cargo Lights, Flashlights), Ex-Proof Products (Cable Grands, Joint Boxes Sounders & Beacon etc.) are newly added.

Section 81 Packing & Jointing:

Various general repair products are updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from ITW Devcon (worldwide), Weicon GmbH (Germany), Wencon (Denmark) etc.

Section 85 Welding Equipment:

Refrigerant Gas Cylinder and Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Recovery Equipment, Portable Arc Welders are newly included and updated.

Section 87 Machinery Equipment:

Ultra High Pressure Products for Main Engine (from CEJN), Various equipment are updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from MESON (Denmark), Niikura Kogyo (Japan) etc.


This new MSG update is coming soon, so be sure to pre-order your MSG 8th Edition books today and make sure your MSG Data Licence is up to date!